Virtual sports – a solution for those who miss sporting events

1xBet Virtual sports

World sport has taken a long pause, bringing about a real test for loyal fans. Right now, very few tournaments are being played in the world, but 1xBet has a solution for its players – virtual sports This is a section that allows you to bet on your favourite sports even when real events aren’t occurring.

How does it work?

Let’s use “Virtual Football” as an example. In this discipline, you can bet on the outcome of a match between two teams just as you would in a regular soccer event. Whatsmore, the line for virtual matches is not inferior in any way to ordinary games – you can bet with a head start, or on total goals or a double outcome.

After you have decided on a bet, the match is simulated. The game is accompanied by high-quality graphics, so you can enjoy watching all the action on the field.

Virtual Football also saves time. Only the highlights are shown to you, and within a couple of minutes, you will know the outcome of the match.

What kinds of virtual sports are there besides football?

1xBet offers players a variety of virtual sports from leading software providers. In addition to football, players can bet on horse racing, dog races, speedways, cycling, tennis and more!

The principles of betting on the other sports are similar to those of virtual football – you have many betting options to choose from, and then you get to enjoy watching the simulation of the match.

How long to wait for the next match in virtual sports?

That’s the beauty of virtual sports –  you don’t have to wait for matches! Virtual teams play 24/7 with matches taking place every 3-4 minutes. So, every few minutes you will have the opportunity to bet on a team and enjoy some quick action. No more tedious waiting for the outcome of the match!

Discover the world of virtual sports on 1xBet today!

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