Get the Best Odds When Liverpool Take on Chelsea, only at 1xBet


The next encounter for Liverpool is a home ground affair. The Reds will take on Chelsea on Wednesday 22 July at Anfield. They will come into the match feeling confident because of the home advantage but will also have the stinging memory of their 2:1 loss to Arsenal in their last match, as well as a 4:0 smashing by Manchester City on 2 July. However, being champions of the Premier League talks volumes for this team’s prowess on the field

Chelsea, whilst playing away, will be heartened by Sundays convincing win over Man Utd with an end score of 3:1. They have also had a solid performance overall despite their 3:0 loss against Sheffield United on 11 July. They find themselves at no 3 on the leaderboard and will be hoping to come out of the game with a few more points in hand and see themselves a step closer to the Champions League qualification.

Over their last 6 encounters the teams have been pretty evenly matched with each team winning 2 against the other and achieved 2 draws and very even scores along the way. However, the points tally shows a runaway first place for Liverpool with 93 points, while Chelsea has 63 points.

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