1xBet history

1xbet is one of the largest bookmakers in the world. For many years, it has been attracting customers with its interesting offer and extraordinary promotions. At present, 1xbet accepts players from all over the world, although slightly over 10 years ago only few believed that the company would expand its activities outside Russia. What is the history of 1xbet’s success?

1xbet was established in 2007 in Russia. At the beginning no-one planned expansion in the world, but of course the life verified all plans. Initially, 1xbet did not achieve a great success. Its website was only an addition to many stationary points because in those days the Internet access was not commonly available to Russians.

It turned out, however, quickly that the operation of a company in Russia has many advantages. 1xbet incurred much smaller costs that other bookmakers abroad. Thus, it decided to stake everything on one card and enter the international market. 1xbet risked a lot, but the development of a very nice website let it become recognisable in the world. When you add attractive promotions and numerous payment and pay-out methods, it is an almost ideal bookmaker. At present, 1xbet is one of leading world bookmakers. Its tipsters can count on many attractive promotions and an excellent offer. 1xbet is also one of the largest companies in Russia, which employs thousands of employees and pays high taxes. A very low bookmaker margin is a great advantage for tipsters, who want to win substantial money, and perfectly prepared mobile applications let them bet in any place of the world.

1xbet had a very difficult start because the Russian market is not simple. Fortunately, it succeeded and we can bet with this excellent bookmaker now. 1xbet still operates in a very ambitious way and tries to attract new customers by expanding its activities in further countries and offering many promotions to its tipsters.

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