Halloween: Best Mystery Games available on 1xGames as Halloween approaches.


With proven records, 1xBet has shown countless times that it is one of the leaders with innovative ideas within the Betting Industry. With cool and exclusively new products, 1xBet strives to delight and entertain its customers regularly. Of such mouth-watering innovation is the 1xGames; This is to offer its customers a never of its kind degree of fun and entertainment.

In the developmental phase of the 1xGames, the tiniest of components with a combination of recommendations from customers were all put together to create this portfolio. All players find satisfaction as it pleases them as the compilation of games has over one hundred titles which include; lovely card games, popular lotteries to quests, sports and board games, and many others with mind-blowing plots and twists.

As the world commemorates Halloween day on the 31st of October, probably no other festival worldwide is wrapped in so many mysterious stories with numerous fearsome tales attributed along with it. With a visit to 1xGames, the Halloween experience can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time. With dozens of games that have ‘spooky’ characteristics, here are three of the vastly prominent games available.

Witch: Game of Thrones

Dragon, Seven Kingdoms, and wrestling against the King of the Night. Affirmatively, this game title suits and resonates with enthusiasts of the fantasy genre. In this game, players will have to defeat the priestess of the Lord of Light who has the ability to see into the future using her mysterious capabilities.

Witch: Game of Thrones consists of 10 rows of 5 cells each. Every cell comprises either wine or poison. To excel in this quest, the player has to only open the container with wine on every one of the 10 levels. As you increase in levels, so also does the winnings increase. It goes without saying; watch out for the poison containers as they are a certain indication of defeat. However, on every level, there is an opportunity to claim your winnings.

Deluxe Cards

Do you believe you have the ability of a magician, full of mystery and with a sure winning formula round card games? Certainly, this is a game worthy of your resume.

The working principles are basic and intuitive: at the onset of the game, nine-game cards are uncovered. The player must have at hand, either three, four or five replica cards as to the uncovered ones to win. The odds depend on the face price suitability of the cards.

This game also comes with a delicious bonus feature. With three correct cards, and of the same face price, the player also gets a free spin. During the free spin, the deck of cards used has a Joker inserted. This Joker may work like any other card when a player is formulating a combination.

Beat The Clown

Are you clever and have the ability to understand things? Deceptively, a card player? Best The Clown is the game for you. To guarantee victory, a player on the table only has to defeat the dealer. The major adversary is a dodgy clown who frequently gets reincarnated during Halloween festivities.

With a total of forty varied cards, the opponent ‘The Dealer’ will have one card in hand. The player may have between one and five cards which makes defeating a skilled dealer an easy task.

To win, what do I have to do? The player will have to bet on every one of his cards and expect to surpass the price of the dealer’s card. For every successful card, the player doubles his stake- also, if the player’s card price is lesser in comparison to the price on the dealer’s card, the player loses.


With over one hundred exclusive 1xGames available to play, you definitely can be a jackpot winner on 1xBet. Halloween has never been brighter!

Sign on to 1xBet today and enjoy an unmatched experience when playing 1xGames.


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