How to bet on football, tennis and basketball while sport is paused

1xbet virtual Football

A break in world sports is no reason to be sad for betting fans. Because now you can bet on your favourite sports in the “Virtual Sports” section at 1xBet. It offers betting on the most popular sports, and best of all, matches are held 24/7.

Here are three popular games from the “Virtual Sports” section to consider:.

Virtual football

Football is the number one sport in the world, so it’s no surprise that it also enjoys great support in the “Virtual Sports” section.

Virtual football at 1xBet is offered by several providers, but the mechanics of the game are similar for all events. You can put two teams into the match for which you are given detailed information: past match statistics, current form, average number of goals scored and conceded in a match.

There is betting on the outcome, with a head start or total goals. After choosing a bet, you can see the simulation of your match, where you will be shown the highlights.

After a few minutes, you will know the outcome and you can bet on the next match. Virtual football matches take place every 3-4 minutes, making them a great way to pass the time and have fun.

Virtual tennis

Tennis fans won’t be bored either, because virtual tennis offers players even more opportunities.

Unlike virtual football, tennis matches are held in real-time, and therefore you can not only place a bet but also enjoy watching every all the action unfold between the two tennis players.

As in football, tennis statistics will be available to you, on the basis of which you can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of opponents. Bets are accepted both before the match and during the match.

You can bet not only on the winner of the match, but also on the outcome of the set, the total games and many other options.

Virtual basketball

Competitions in this sport are held with renowned NBA teams that play the regular season. The user has access to statistics before the game, which allows them to evaluate the relative strength of the teams.

There are various betting options for each match, with great excitement awaiting players after their bets. Even real basketball players will envy the stunning gameplay simulation in virtual basketball. Virtual basketball players thrill fans with spectacular shots, slam-dunks and other spectacular elements of this beloved sport.

Now we’re convinced that no pause will prevent a real fan from enjoying their favourite sport and also making money on it!

Make sure you bet on virtual sports with trustworthy and acclaimed 1xBet.

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