Win By Enjoying Dota 2 in the Red Star Cup with 1xBets Excellent Odds

With the world in self-isolation, and mainstream sports all on hold what better reason to switch to esports. This gaming format offers all the thrills of ‘real’ sport, with as many tournaments and events for betting fans, with some of the biggest, most well-known titles around.

Dota2 is a top-tier game with some of the biggest prize money in betting. The game attracts attention worldwide with audiences of over a million for the major events.  Dota2 matches offer some of the fastest gameplay in esports. There are few games as exciting to bet on, especially as coupled with the pace, it offers intense clutches and top-notch shoutcasting.

To get the most out of esports betting you would do well to partner with a leading brand such as 1xBet.  Here you will be able to bet on The Red Star Cup with best odds possible. For this tournament, 1xBet players will be able to take a bet on the ‘Best of 3 Maps’ and watch the action live.

The Red Star Cup consists of 9 teams including Future Club, Team Aspirations, Team Space, Wolf, Albatross Club, Winning Gaming, Hot Pot Brother, Team Venture and Five Brothers.  The competition takes place in a round robin format with the total prize pool being around $42 600. 

Watching these events is super exciting but is even more thrilling when you are invested, with a chance to earn some money when correctly betting on the ‘Best of 3 Maps.’ 

1xBet offers the perfect betting scenario for esports. Players will receive enormous benefits, including excellent betting odds, wide line, a vast number of promotions, and high coefficients. You can follow the results live on 1xBet.

Go to 1xBet and register now so that you don’t miss out on the up to date esports action and betting opportunities.

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