Title – Be A Winner with 1xBet, and the Champions League

Champion League 1xbet

Things are getting super exciting as the Champions League starts drawing closer to the finals. With many already guessing who is going to win the trophy. That is not the only exciting thing that’s happening with regards to the Champions League. 1xBet has come up with another stunning promotion for football fans so that they too can feel like the ultimate winners.

1xBet’s latest promotion allows their soccer fans to take part in the action of the Champions League round of 16. During this time,1xBet players can predict what they think the winning results will be on any of the games by placing a bet. Each time the bet is correct they will accumulate points. At the end of the Champions League final, when the whistle has blown, the points will be tallied and prizes awarded.

To take part it all starts with registering. Follow these simple steps:

  • Register with 1xBet 
  • Visit the promotions page, and click on the “Take Part” 
  • Place bets on as many upcoming Champions League matches as you like
  • Accumulate points
  • Take part in the prize draw 

Once again 1xBet has made sure that being a part of this promotion is certainly worth your while. In fact, even if you are not a soccer lover you may want to change that, and start watching CL games just to win the awesome prizes that are up for grabs.

  • 1st place – 2 VIP tickets to the EURO 2020 finals, July 12th London (1 winner)
  • 2nd – 6th place – SONY PS4 PRO (5 winners)
  • 7th – 16th place – iPhone 11 Pro Max 64 Gb – (10 winners)

Not to worry if you didn’t make the top placements in the prize giving. 1xBet has your back. There are 15000 bonus points available for over 700 football fans that have placed bets, won, and accumulated points!

So don’t miss out! Head over to 1xBet right now and register, because you can’t take part in this rewarding promotion unless you are a 1xBet member. Start betting, and accumulating your points, so you can have your share of the spoils when the prizes are handed out!

Win with 1xBet, and the Champions League!


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