TVG presents itself as a bookmaker exclusively dedicated to horse betting, operating in the United States of America. In focusing its activities on horse racing, the brand does not have a sportsbook nor a specific casino area. Nevertheless, this is the safest, most comprehensive and best performing online site in the world. Its extensive betting selection is the result of a strong partnership between the bookmaker and the subsidiary racecourses. This consists of a combination of bets placed online at each racetrack’s betting pool, with identical payout odds. As a result, fans will be dealing with a well-run platform, giving access to games associated with full racetrack odds. While TVG remains popular with potential customers so far, it remains to be seen whether the establishment can really live up to expectations.

Business License

Given its reputation, TVG has been a fully secure gaming site since its launch in 1993. According to an analysis, the operator runs under a license issued by the US government authorities. Currently, the states of New Jersey, Virginia, California, Arizona, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Maryland, New Mexico and New York are licensed by the respective gaming authorities. In order to ensure full protection of customer data, TVG has installed the latest version of encryption software.

TVG on mobile

As punters tend to use their mobile phones for fun, TVG has decided to make it easier for them by developing a stand-alone and regularly updated application. The program has exactly the same functionality as the desktop version. For a device with an iOS operating system, the software can be downloaded via the App Store. However, Android users must go through the TVG website to perform the operation, as the application is not available on the Google Play Store. On the whole, you will notice a design that is perfectly identical to the source site, providing simple and easy-to-use navigation menus. Key benefits include access to the full range of horse betting on each track, videos of live races at a racecourse and all the handicapping tools, mostly with identical payout probabilities.

Registration of users                          

In order to become a member of TVG, the future bettor must first of all be a permanent resident of a country where the bookmaker operates legally. Once this has been proven, the account creation process can begin and runs as follows:

  • Click on the “Sign-up” tab, either on the website page or on your smartphone or tablet;
  • Fill in the form with your personal information, including full name, date of birth, email address, phone number and password;
  • Enter your home address or by using an automatic search;
  • Enter the last four digits of your social security code;
  • Confirm the details as verification, then enter the promotional code;
  • Finalize the registration after making an initial deposit by pressing the “Finish registration” button.

It should be noted that users residing in New Jersey must access the TVG site via the link, which is available in the “Support Center” section. Under current law, TVG sets the minimum age requirement for players at 18 and 21. This threshold depends on the state where they intend to place their bets.

Bonuses and promotions

All new TVG registrants receive a standard welcome bonus. The reward is given in the form of cashback, in the event of a failed first bet. The amount is valued at $200, using the promotional code “200TVG”. As a reminder, Win, Win/Place, Win/Show, or Win/Place/Show is what is known as a winning bet. In addition, TVG offers its customers many other regular promotions throughout the year, usually linked to major events such as the Kentucky Derby, Triple Crown or Breeder’s Cup. On the other hand, additional offers are added to the list, including players can benefit from free deposits, betting credits on exacta or trifecta bets, boosted prize pools on Pick 4s or 6s. Besides the Free Super 5 and 8 Contest offers, there will also be a refund-based programme on past performances such as Full, Basic and Watch and Wager PPs or State Race Lens Day Passes. Finally, the “Refer a Friend” bonus also exists on the web. By inviting a friend to register on the site, TVG credits $25 to your account. As every online betting establishment, the terms and conditions apply to all offers.

Betting offer and options

TVG demonstrates its strong capability by offering betting not only on domestic horse racing, but also on a global scale. The real strength of the site lies in the increased visibility of the various racecourses, while allowing players to take advantage of betting on off-season competitions. Every day, a wide range of events take place non-stop, with a repertoire of countless markets. Now, both the website and the mobile app offer the opportunity to watch live broadcasts of races from over 100 broadcast tracks. It should be noted that the feeds are available free of charge to all customers currently connected. In order to enjoy them, all you have to do is click on the “WatchTVG” section on the top navigation bar. This page gives access to all the live and HD programmes on the platform through the main video box. In addition, the left-hand pane gives the punter a preview of their stream, by selecting the video player displayed in full screen or reduced format. This alternative allows for quick placement of bets on upcoming races, embedded in live events. Other TVG features include free access to the statistics table about the final result of previous races, including replays of a horse’s last performance. Also included is a display of the punter’s current bets. For more details, please take a look at the “Upcoming Races” section.

Payment methods

Thanks to the numerous methods found at TVG, customers have the possibility to top up their player account without difficulty. Apart from the transactions on the racetrack and the private betting rooms, there are:

  • The classic Visa and MasterCard bank cards;
  • The Discover prepaid card ;
  • MoneyPak card ;
  • eCheck payments ;
  • Paypal e-wallet ;
  • PayNearMe payment system ;
  • Money order or check ;
  • Bank transfer.

When it comes to deposits, while most options do not require additional fees, others will be subject to a charge. Each of these also comes with their respective processing times with their allowed limits. A similar case can be noted with regard to withdrawal movements.

Customer support

TVG gives a helping hand to users with problems. Its customer service offers three types of channels to solve problems:

  • Live chat. The service receives all queries at a specific time, provides a solution within seconds and is able to deal with messages left outside business hours;
  • E-mail. The request can be formulated and sent to the address indicated at the bottom of the page. The response time is around 24 hours ;
  • The telephone line, by calling the number indicated on the web page;

The FAQ section, organized by category. In this section you will find answers to any questions you may have.

The helpdesk, due to the lack of relevant information, is the least visited section of TVG.

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