Norsk Tipping

Norsk Tipping has taken on a real challenge by pushing its limits in the online gaming industry. The current bookmaker, Norway’s largest lottery site, has set the bar high to gain the trust of its users. It has finally made its mark locally, while maintaining an excellent position in the Scandinavian markets. However, the scope of its activities is not only limited to this option, there are other opportunities. Many punters have found Norsk Tipping to be the ideal platform to improve their gambling skills. Sportpill, casino and a range of entertainment options now tend to attract the attention of customers worldwide.

Operating License

According to an analysis, Norsk Tipping lends itself to a Norwegian lottery and gaming company called Norsk Tipping AS. Its origins in the late 1940s have earned it the support of the relevant authorities. Today, the website operates under the direct supervision of the government and the Ministry of Culture. The Ministry of Culture reserves the right to determine the rules associated with the games offered, ensures that the profits distributed on the lotteries and all other types of entertainment available at Norsk Tipping are taken into account. Its most important task is to promote a transparent, safe, fair and responsible style of play for its customers.

Mobile application

Norsk Tipping has developed a mobile application that is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. You can download the corresponding software from the specific app shop, with a secure fingerprint connection. Regardless of your type of mobile device (smartphone, tablet or laptop), Norsk Tipping offers you access to the full range of its features and services. This includes an instant overview of all lottery results, secure payments and mobile support on the go. In addition, Norsk Tipping’s mobile website reveals a version that is perfectly adapted to the most common devices. This technology automatically adjusts the initial proportions to the size of your screen. Afterwards, you simply use your usual browser and type in the URL of the site. Despite some minor imperfections, players will enjoy convenient navigation and sections at their fingertips.

Users’ registration

Norsk Tipping allows new members to register on the site, provided they are at least 18 years old. Before you can begin, you must first have a bank account, a registration number, an electronic identification number (BankID) and a postal address in Norway. The account creation process is as follows :

  • Click on the “Bli kunde” (become a customer) button at the top right of the page;
  • Enter the social security number, go to the next step and enter your telephone details. To finalize, enter the cryptogram sent to your mobile phone;
  • Select only a Norwegian payment card for your financial transactions.

Norsk Tipping does not ask for specific details of your personal information, as it is registered via the social security code. The next time you log in, your identification requires a digital identity card, also called an e-ID card. This option applies to all games apart from the Flax scratch cards. Another advantage of registration is that it gives players an opportunity to access all other online gaming sites in Norway.

Bonuses and promotions

As soon as they join the Norsk Tipping platform, all new subscribers are once again invited to sign up for the newsletter and SMS program. This is an essential step, if not one of the most important functions of the bookmaker when it comes to promotional offers. Since the operator does not mention specific details about the welcome bonus, the reward package is awarded in the form of a multitude of prizes, usually integrated in the latest exclusive lotto news. These will include invitations to free competitions, with further instructions on the lottery and jackpots. Every week, huge sums of money tempt thrill-seeking players. In addition, promotional codes will be used to increase your profits or to receive extra bonuses. So, we advise you to check your mail constantly and keep an eye out for opportunities.

The game offer and its characteristics

As Norsk Tipping demonstrates, the web provides extensive coverage of Norwegian lottery games. There is a very diverse selection, ranging from weekly options to multinationals. Currently, this section supports several categories. The Viking lottery, which goes by several names (Norsk Viking Lotto, Víkingalottó, VikingLotto, OnsdagsLotto, etc.), is the most popular of these and the most popular with millions of Scandinavian players. Next is the “Joker”, first introduced in 2000, followed by Keno in 2007. Other categories include Euro Jackpot, Extra, Li and a game type called Nabolaget. Apart from this, Norsk Tipping has expanded into other areas, providing users with other varieties of online gambling. These remain subject to strict control by the Norwegian government.

When it comes to sports, Norsk Tipping has a very clear point of view. In the section dedicated to this type of event, football reigns supreme. It is accompanied by odds margins and numerous betting probabilities. However, the catalogue also offers the possibility of making predictions on disciplines such as tennis, American football, basketball or rugby. Badminton, bandy or futsal are among the less popular of these, but betting is still open. Live fans will find their happiness in the “Live” section. For more information, we suggest you take a look at the page.

The ‘Kong Casino’ section includes the instant games series, including bingo, scratch tickets, Multix and various casino games. This last option in turn brings together a collection of slot machines, also available in demo mode. Norsk Tipping owes this wonderful design to the use of reputable software developers such as NetEnt or Microgaming, who are particularly favored in the iGaming sector. Otherwise, playing in real time gives customers a much more exciting gaming experience. Various table games, consisting of blackjack, baccarat, poker and many other categories make up this section. According to comments left by subscribers, the mobile app is a perfect element to interact with a live dealer.

Available payment methods

For all financial transactions, Norsk Tipping directs players to use the “standard” options on their online account. This involves setting up the bank account in the Norwegian payment system and issuing the corresponding cards. At this point, the punter will have the option of making a deposit or withdrawal via Visa or MasterCard, the prepaid Paysafecard. Norsk Tipping also accepts payments via Skrill and Neteller.

Customer support

Norsk Tipping’s customer support is staffed by a highly trained team and operates solely in the Norwegian language. The site offers three ways of communication to help players in case of difficulties: live chat, e-mail and postal mail. Please note that the service is limited if you choose instant chat, but you will receive answers within seconds. Apart from these methods, Norsk Tipping has a very explicit FAQ section that can provide a quick solution related to the source of the problem.

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