Dota 2. Thailand Celestial Cup. Best of 2 maps with 1xBet Odds

Everyone is in the ‘Lock Down’ phase and all physical sport has largely been cancelled.  While that may seem like bad news, there is light at the end of the tunnel for betting enthusiasts.  Esports offers all the same excitement, and heart-racing simulated live action, making it a great substitute for ‘real’ sport. There are also very popular tournaments and leagues to get involved in that include some of the biggest esports brands around.

Dota2 is one of the top 3 titles in esports, and one of the most popular amongst esports fans with some events amassing audiences of over a million spectators for the major events.  Dota2 matches are known to be amongst the fastest in esports with intense clutches and excellent shoutcasting.

1xBet offers an amazing array of sports betting opportunities on esports events. This award winning betting site gives the chance to bet on the Thailand Celestial Cup, a leading Dota2 tournament with the very best odds. For this tournament, 1xBet players will be able to take a bet on the ‘Best of 2 Maps.’  Make sure to enjoy the action live at 1xBet.

The Thailand Celestial Cup consists of 12 teams.  Current frontrunners in the tournaments include Execration, Team Virus, Aster Aries, and Team Strawberry. The competition takes place in a round robin format in the group stages, with double elimination in the playoffs. The total prize pool is around $14 200. 

Watching these events is super exciting but is even more thrilling when you are invested, with a chance to earn some money when correctly betting on the ‘Best of 2 Maps.’ 

1xBet is a great partner for esports players. Here you will be able to enjoy many benefits like great odds, wide line, a vast number of promotions, and high coefficients, as well as following the results live.

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