CS:GO. ESL Australia & NZ Championship. Best of 3 maps with 1xBet Odds

While the world of sports is taking a break from live games and coming into contact with each other and live audiences, sports betting enthusiasts can still enjoy the exhilarating feeling of winning money by betting on esports. Esports is the fastest-growing gaming platform in the world and offers as much excitement, and winning opportunity as players on the field.

The betting public has an opportunity to get into this dynamic arena of betting with 1xBet.  Here you will be able to watch some of the biggest brands in esports, while teams compete at the highest level for top-earning prizes.

One such world-renowned title is CS:GO which is a first-person shooter game developed by Valve. Besides offering extremely fast play, CS:GO also provides multi-layer strategizing.  Betting on CS:GO is hugely exciting, especially because of the big prize pools for each tournament which are often in excess of $1 million for participating teams.

1xBet is offering excellent odds for the CS:GO. ESL Australia & NZ Championship in the ‘Best of 3 Maps’ category. You will also be able to be a part of the events live at 1xBet.

The ESL AU/NZ Championship has a prize pool of AUS $20 000 with the first place team winning AUS $8 000. The group rounds have a double elimination bracket with the top two teams going on to the season finals.

By betting on the ‘Best of 3 Maps’ you will be super invested in the outcome of each stage, making betting that much more fun. 1xBet is the perfect partner to enjoy esports with, as they have a range of advantages for esports bettors including sharp odds, wide line, a vast number of promotions, high coefficients, and live streaming.

Be a part of the action now by making sure you are registered with the leading betting partner, 1xBet.

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